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Males play a major role in both males and females.

Masturbation, then, depends on sperm, which play a major role in life. That is, a clear idea of ​​masculinity can be derived from the test of semen.

Several methods are now in place to test sperm. Yet the people and the past generations of our people have come to know about the purity of semen through their own practices. Let's see what this action is, though it is not currently available.

Elders know that when sperm is completely submerged in water it is pure sperm and there is nothing wrong with it. Sperm should be put in water. There is a problem with sperm floating on the water or in a submerged sperm.

Female and male must urinate separately on a pumpkin or young sapling. It is said that there is an error in the kidneys from whose urine.

Wheat or flaxseed wheat should be poured into the soil in two containers and urinated separately. The elders believed that there was an error in whose seeds the seedlings did not break.

These are the actions of some of the older elders. Now you can go to the doctor's office to get it checked out.

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