Do I work to raise a child for a mistress while married?

Q: I am a 33 year old housewife. One of our relatives in college days fell in love with a girl.

So I had sex with her at that time, in mutual consent and consent. At least once a week after the first meeting, we were together, playing nobody's side and playing the Rathikrade.

But our lust lasted for a couple of years. He then refused to marry me at his house. She is married to someone else. But not as a child. So she got my number and she called and I left my husband. I have not made a child for you. I'm telling my child to be your father. I have been married for 4 years and have a male child. She leaves her husband and is baroque ready. Tell the solution.

Answer: You may have been attracted to each other during your youth and have grown to love each other. Or maybe yours is true love. But your mistress is married five years ahead of you. She is now a homemaker. The housewife of another.
You too are married and the father of a cute baby. Before marriage, she could marry you in spite of the opposition of her family. But not so much. Whatever the reason may be. It is not now. You have children, Madadi. She suffers from mental and physical violence due to her husband's drinking.

You have always said that her husband is hitting your mistress. Do you remember when your ex-mistress had a good husband, was rich, and looked after her well? Just think once. Forget the love of the former. This is more than disasters. Enclose your love for your wife and child.

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