Video, social media raises a lot of questions inside the Talk Talk model Harima Shah's Foreign Office

Salamabad (Urdu point latest newspaper - October 23, 2019): Videos accessing the Hakim Shah's Foreign Office office on social media are going viral. The Prime Minister's Office has taken notice of the matter, but access to the office of the Foreign Office of Harimam has raised many questions. Social media users say how can a woman like Harem Shah get there in a place where no ordinary person is allowed to go? It is certain that no ordinary person can take them there nor can they get access to such offices, so it would not be wrong to say that to take Harimam to the Foreign Office and there. But it is the government party who has the power to make their photos and videos.

ٹک ٹاک ماڈل حریم شاہ کی دفتر خارجہ کے اندر ویڈیو ، سوشل میڈیا پر کئی ..

Many users on social media have reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan's close aide and his aide Naeem-ul-Haq have been involved in the affair. It may be premature to say anything until a formal investigation is done. Social media expressed concern that if Harimam Shah was given access to such public institutions and his committee rooms, then this could not be ignored. How many people have been here before Harem Shah? Access has been granted.

Social media users demanded that action be taken against the person who took Harimam to the Foreign Office. Because it is a sensitive matter. Today, if one could sit in the Foreign Office and make tick-talk videos, it would be foolish to ignore the fear that in the future, another woman could be given access to the offices of other government agencies that are of national interest as well. Is negative.

Because it could endanger the lives of the rulers, especially the Prime Minister. It is to be noted that the Talk Talk model Harim Shah sat in the Foreign Office office and made the upload and uploaded the Talk Talk videos, after which criticized those who gave access to Harim Shah on the media. The Prime Minister's Office had taken notice of the matter and ordered an inquiry only after it was criticized on social media.

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