Report from Chief Secretary and Home Secretary on Nawaz Sharif's suspension request

A report has been sought from the team of the Chief Health, Secretary Home and Services Hospital, after which the court issued notices to the parties and adjourned the hearing till tomorrow.

 اپیل پر فیصلہ ہونے تک نواز شریف کو ضمانت پر رہا کیا جائے،درخواست۔ فوٹو: فائل

Pakistan Muslim League-N President Shahbaz Sharif has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court seeking suspension of Nawaz Sharif on medical grounds, stating that Nawaz Sharif is suffering from a number of illnesses, Nawaz Sharif's health is severely poor, so the sentence imposed in Al-Azizia Reference should be suspended, Nawaz Sharif's current life threatens his life, doctors of the service hospital have not yet been able to diagnose Nawaz Sharif's disease, Bone The marrow platelets are not forming and the immune system is weakened.

The petition further said that Nawaz Sharif should be released on bail till the decision on appeal, despite the recommendations of foreign doctors, Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to receive treatment abroad so Pakistan or Nawaz Sharif would be treated freely. Be allowed.

Islamabad High Court Registrar's Office had objected to the request of suspension of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on medical grounds. However, the application was later set for hearing with objections.

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