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His legal group had approached the court to invade the FIR.  Nevertheless, the court led him to submit a bail bond plea after hearing all of the debates, the court made a decision to give him bond.  Even the Tamil Nadu authorities, nevertheless, had explained Haasan may be detained if his replies weren't satisfactory throughout the interrogation.

Kamal Haasan

Even the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court has given anticipatory bond right after the Karur authorities registered a case against him sections such as encouraging enmity involving two divisions and also for damaging religious thoughts.  The Karur authorities was behaving over a criticism.
"Allow me inform you terrorists innovate religions. . .every faith has its own personal terrorists and we are not able to assert we have been sanctimonious and we all don't achieved this.  History demonstrates to that many religions have their own extremists," he advised press.
 He'd registered to an anticipatory bail at case at which he'd stated Nathuram Godse was separate India's very first terrorist for murdering Father of the world Mahatma Gandhi.

"Let's detain mepersonally.  Should they really do so, it's only going to cause further issues.  It isn't just a warning however simply a part of information," he'd stated when questioned if he'd document bond prosecution.

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